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corpse husband x reader minecraft. !Reader Genre: fluff, AU Warnings: Corpse calls reader his boyfriend 🥺 WC: 1. With his recent interaction with TommyInnit, fans will. Pairings: Corpse x reader, Jacksepticeye x sister!reader. Summary: You are a faceless youtuber who does Sims4 and ranty vlogs, but somehow you end up playing a game with your friend Rae and then things get 💕💕💕. ⤷ part FIVE. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist's pocket. I want to cuddle up with you. #mercury ☄️ #corpse husband x reader #corpse x jupiter's shuttletalks minecraft 1. Owned By Draken. 1M Followers, 0 Following. corpse husband x gender neutral! reader summary: corpse takes care of you when you get sick request: hi ! i saw your corpse requests were open <3 im like corpse and have a multitude of conditions and illnesses, mainly lots of nausea, dizziness, and migraines and i was hoping you'd do a gender neutral reader with these problems and corpse takes care of them for the day please 🥺. He runs his hands through your hair, "You're safe here. also, kinda gave up on the likes, retweets, and comments on the twitter 💀*. Corpse Husband. Ranboo shoves monsters into various balls of his creation in Minecraft. 7K 19 I'm really bad at descriptions so I'll add all the info in the first page so you can get and idea on how the story will be like. youtube, romance, high. Warnings : Corpse simping over your thighs, Fluff, light cursing, cuddle session!. " You nod and drift into sleep. 4,054 views, 4 today. breathing-ish liked this. corpse husband x female!reader. Prompt: Corpse may or may not have an obsession with your thighs…oh who am I kidding ofc he does!. Corpse takes off his hoodie and puts it on you. It wasn't new that Corpse had a thing for. Her head snaps up, a tall dark figure blocking the exit. All are fluff! Don't write smuts for Corpse. Corpse Husband x Reader "What if ? You never really had to ask that question, everything was crystal clear, yet meeting new friends and discovering thousands of new opportunities are two intertwined. View, comment, download and edit corpse husband Minecraft skins. Corpse, the DJ at Sean's pub, meets a painfully awkward, and super cute, brunet who orders non-alcoholic drinks at the bar. Moving In - SMAU* Part 16. Not my usual stuff at all but here we are. corpse husband x reader minecraft And I guess some people like that If you have any personal horror stories that you want read please email it to [email protected] Fandom: Corpse Husband, youtubers Warning: Swearing, me being in a good mood when I wrote it so a happy, positive reader, alcohol, hangovers, comfidence boost Pairing: Corspe x reader Summary: You got some extra confidence after having a couple of drinks and write a message to Corpse during his live stream, he answeres you messages and. 8) with 8,240 reads. Check out the Corpse Husband community on Discord - hang out with 18,552 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. Your life of simple joys and comfort turns a little more exciting when you crossed paths with this guy named "Corpse". summary: your daughter calls corpse her dad. 19 minecraft frog minecraft glare copper golem minecraft. Corpse/Reader unrelated one-shots. sooo, if u could, maybe the reader could be male/masc? the scenario would be fluff, maybe just a general one where corpse n the reader are close friends, and how they both. his best friend and roommate ⤷ note: hope you're enjoying the jealous corpse content djdnndnd i'm sorry i couldn't add more stuff :( i wish i could but tumblr's 10 max photos limit. "Me too," the man said, his biceps tightening as his breath became more labored. Swindler Teammate (Corpse Husband x Reader) - 027. 8) with 6,892 reads. Fanfiction Romance Dsmp X Reader Corpse Husband X Reader Dream X Reader Wilbur X Reader Technoblade X Reader Slow Burn Childhood Friends Dream Smp Mcyt X Reader The Witch fed Hansel and Gretel until she could cook them, but the two children figured out her plot and stopped her by pushing her in the oven, perfectly killing her. | REQUEST OPEN requests would come in order, so please be patient (this is a seme!male!reader book) # angst # bl. She closes her eyes, not wanting to meet those burning red irises and inky black Sclera- not wanting to meet. "I didn't know we were dating. Corpse husband skin (original) I made this and do not allow it to be reuploaded. Corpse smiles at you as he starts taking off your jewelry, helping you undress. corpse corpse husband corpse x reader x reader corpse imagine imagine corpse imagines imagines corpse husband imagine corpse husband imagines corpse husband x reader 9,374 notes Oct 28th, 2020. View, comment, download and edit corpse husband skin Minecraft skins. Word Count: 1730 Warnings: a little swearing, fluff and fun Note: The images doesn't belong to me, all the credits go to the respective creators. Disclaimer: I try my best to not use any descriptions (that we don't already know about Corpse) however if I accidentally do it, it is based on the idea of him in my mind and not on anything else. The Minecraft Skin, Corpse Husband, was posted by babyrabies. ⤷ part TWO. (Masterlist). IG: Corpse_Husband pfp: @vallact No MGMT. corpse corpse husband corpse imagines corpse husband x you corpse husband x y/n corpse husband x reader corpse social media au smau corpse smau corpse x you corpse x reader corpse x y/n. Nova Skin Gallery - Minecraft Skins from NovaSkin Editor. his best friend and roommate is madly in love with him. Mar 3, 2021 - Page 2 Read (Dom Corpse x Brat Reader) from the story Corpse Oc Husband X Reader Oneshots by kakashigurl1 with 2,112 reads. But oc here is corpse's roommate instead of his girlfriend. He's with me the whole time. Chapter 2: Red Notes: (See the end of the chapter for notes. php?aff=15889-----. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and sold by independent artists. The air is cold on my skin, an empty void with sounds of various button clicks around me. Here it is anon! I realized the scenario is kind of similar to the one i posted few days ago. you're so golden (Corpse x reader) FINISHED Intro | Part 1 | Part. corpse husband x male! reader summary: you deal with your mutual crush on a trip to the grocery store request: hello! i heard requests were open and i think ur writing is super cool <3 so i thought i'd shoot a request. | Wallpaper-HD. that maybe she can "Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Skin description is empty. Corpse husband x Reader headcanons _____ so we all know corpse as this really edgy person and well, he is. when his body is reported, however, she doesn't tell who killed him. summary: while playing among us, y/n watches corpse kill felix in o2. the "frail boy" needed a cane to walk, had history's earliest genetically proven case of malaria, and was sired by siblings, says a new dna study of king tut and relatives. y/n is grappling with her feelings for her friend, scared she's going to ruin the relationship once again. summary: your attempts to fix your back don't go as planned request: […] Could you do something with corpse and male reader, reader wakes up and its a pain to get up so he literally roll out of bed and get up by pushing himself with his hands (?) and his first thought is "need to pop that shit" so he asks corpse if he can hig him from behind and crack. so i haven’t seen many corpse husband x reader stories on here, so i decided to upload one myself. Discover more posts about corpse+husband+x+reader. i’ve been watching jacksepticeye’s among us videos and when i heard corpse talk for the first time, i was like, “hol up” and now i’ve been obsessed with him. , [corpse_husband x reader]. Not use to the environment, (y/n) wants to team up with. "A-Alex, I feel like I'm-" you didn't get to finish your sentence, being interrupted by a moan. Today we are going to be playing minecraft hunger games with none other Corpse Husband. " As Lily invites another person in the game which everyone gets excited to hear about (y/n) which makes up the 10 people in the game. Tw: light talking about d3pr3ssi0n, b0dy imag3. Nobody Compares | Corpse Husband x Reader. summary: a few weeks after the incident, y/n and corpse are best friends. Thank you for visiting MinecraftSkins. Local Support 24/7 Dedicated support. corpse husband x fem! reader. I make music sometimes. Just a Corpse X Female Reader I'm writing for fun because we all love Corpse :) #1 in corpsexreader #2 in romancefanfiction ∆•°°•∆ When Y/N, an ordinary. *CORPSE ON SPOTIFY* also @Corpse_Husband pfp: @bisppoo. You and Corpse had been close friends for a while, so when you asked him to join your Minecraft server for a chill building stream he accepted. also, go stream his music on spotify, it’s amazing. filed under: #corpse husband au #corpse husband #corpse social media au #corpse x reader #corpse #kingaftwriting 21. “Oh my goodness,” you said when you saw the skin his avatar was wearing. Refine by tag: corpsehusbandxreader corpsehusband corpse corpsexreader amongus xreader youtubers youtube jacksepticeye pewdiepie youtuberxreader fanfiction husband readerinsert romance oneshots. Title: Murderer Pairing: Corpse Husband x female!reader Prompt: Y/N is brutally murdered during a game a round of Among Us, leaving her son crying over her body in the cafeteria. Apr 8, 2021 - Read 027 from the story Swindler Teammate (Corpse Husband x Reader) by Akumagaru (pikmin. fic masterlist. Warnings: tw swearing. mcprohosting. He also produces music on Spotify and his most recent song E-Girls Are Ruining My Life! has over 21 million streams. ~Corpse Husband x Reader~ One-shots by Hannah👽 98. #corpse simp #corpse x y/n #corpse husband #corpse fic #corpse smut #corpse husband x you #corpse husband x reader #corpse fluff #corpse angst #corpse imagines #corpse husband x female reader #corpse husband x sykkuno #corpse husband x male reader #corpse husband x nonbinary reader … See all. 7k Request: hi! it's me again! hope you donr mind bur I really love your stories they aare amazing! I would like to know if you could write a corpse husband one shot with a masc reader set in a universe where the otv members and the reader are actors /actress and they. ” “I don’t remember that, sorry Y/N. Sykkuno gets dragged to the pub by his friends where he meets the DJ with a deep voice and mesmerising eyes. Like he needed this, to make him remember that you're his and that you aren't leaving. dream x reader) ⤷ part TEN. " Corpse states in an amused tone, watching you as you walk out your 'streamer' room and towards the kitchen. Hello! Welcome to Corpse Husband oneshots! I do take requests so just comment your requests :). We take pride in providing the best apparel and accessories for his fans, so you can keep rocking your style in spooks of Corpse Husband. corpse, amongus, corspehusband. Read Now Follow. Find Corpse Husband X Reader-inspired gifts and merchandise printed on quality products one at a time in socially responsible ways. Published Oct 3rd, 2020, 10/3/20 3:26 am. T-shirt colors are available in the best-selling black, the classic white, and many others. Corpse promised that he will find her killer. Skip navigation. Corpse Husband x thicc!Reader. by Fibita Marta. A Devilishly Deep Voiced Dad (Corpse Husband X Reader/Self-Insert) Lambyy. Corpse Husband X Reader. normally we're making out [ corpse husband x male!oc ] [ social media au ] [ rewritten as of October, 2021 ] # amoungus # corpse # corpsehusband # faceless # gay # gayoc # greaseball # husband # maleoc # mcyt # minecraft # moistcritikal # pokimane # rowansbooks # streamer # sykkuno # toast # valkyrae # ốc. when markiplier asks her to fly over to la, corpse texts her and asks her to go to san diego as well. A corpse husband / you story written in second person. 18 minecraft 1. Ramen - Corpse Husband x Reader *This is a break from what I normally write for but I wanted to give it a shot! This is not meant to be an actual depiction of Request: "A suggestion for corpse - reader is comforting him during an anxiety attack/manic episode or during the few times he goes outside?. ⤷ part FOUR. word count: ~6. com - Skindex, the source for Minecraft skins. Reader Pairing: Corpse Husband x Fem!Reader A/N: 443 notes?! This is insane! Thank you guys so much for all the love under the first part of this, I was so shocked to Pairing: Corpse Husband x Fem!Reader. Most stories are sfw but I might occasionally do smut. EDIT 2: this is the first part to my corpse x reader series. Father of the Year. Fic suggestion: maybe one where the reader and corpse do some baking together?. 01 divejffsgvdhv liked this. he then vented into electrical and pretended to be downloading as rae. pronouns : they / them [a/n] sorry it took long! but here it is jfhdsfskj "yes, everyone, my significant other is the one who played as billy loomis in the movie. — summary: corpse is madly in love with his best friend and roommate. No stranger to the world of Minecraft, in the past Corpse Husband appeared on the famed Dream SMP as a guest, and was given a tour around. Black Widow x Reader. Sapnap x reader (platonic/family love) Sapnap and Y/n both being found in the nether by Bad ; It was a split netherack biome and soul soil biome and the two of you were on opposite sides, crying out for each other ; When he brought you both home, he swore you two were just normal humans ; until you obviously weren’t. #corpse au #corpse fic #corpse husband #corpse husband x reader #corpse imagines #corpse x reader #corpse fanfic #corpse x y/n #corpse x you. corpse husband x male! reader. CORPSE HUSBAND X FEM!READER. warnings: swearing, jealousy. I didn't exactly make the reader a "celebrity", I made the reader a Youtuber like him to try and have. Corpse Husband Corpse Husband See tweets, replies, photos and videos from @CORPSE Twitter profile. A/N: 443 notes?!. Moisture-wicking active t-shirts are here, too. Ranboo shoves monsters into various balls of his creation in Minecraft. pairing : cc!corpse x gn!reader. Welcome to your one-stop shop for Corpse Husband merch, where we care about your joy and comfort. Warnings: cussing. 3K 9 I haven't seen a lot of Copse fanfics and I know y'all love him, so I'm gonna give it to y'all >:) I won't do lemons/smut because I can. yourtearstainedbaby liked this. Download free Pin On Corpse Husband Wallpaper HD beautiful, free and use for any project. summary: Corpse is streaming and you are feeling down. #corpse husband x reader. corpse corpse husband jealousy - corpse corpse husband x y/n valkyrae valkyrae au corpse husband x reader corpse husband x female reader corpse social media au social media au corpsie <3 euphoria heathers. He forgot to tell you he was streaming, however he stops it all to focus on you. dokie916 liked this. Comforting you (Corpse Husband X Reader) Comfort Corpse Series. jungjxxhyun liked this. Get A 7 Day FREE Trial For MC Server HERE: https://clients. CorpseHusband x Fem!Reader. My eyes adjust to the darkness, soon noticing a figure standing a distance in front of me. Последние твиты от Corpse Husband (@Corpse_Husband). And she thought. Most people think he’d be so fucking cuddly and soft but I just don’t really think he would. The figure crouched low, moving to strike— Moving to kill. naturally, neither of them think the feeling is reciprocated - because you're stupid when you're in love - and when y/n resorts to ignoring her feelings and. You grab your guy's puff bars and snuggle up to Corpse, anime still playing in the background. Corpse Husband x reader by Ari_Boi 145K 2. ———— Y/N smiled at her phone, happy that she was gaining a friendship with Corpse again. Read the most popular corpsehusbandxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Contemporary Lit Diverse Lit Fanfiction Fantasy Historical Fiction Horror Humor LGBTQ Mystery New Adult Non Fiction Paranormal Poetry Romance Science Fiction Short Story Teen Fiction Thriller Werewolf Wattpad Picks Hockey Szn Beware the Full Moon. Fanfiction Romance Corpse_husband Corpse Minecraft X Reader Mcyt Dreamwastaken Among Us Sykkuno Report. corpse husband x reader fanfic ━━━ finished in august of 2020 ━. They fall in love in a chaotic flurry. Corpse Husband x Faceless!Fem!Reader x Dream HC Not requested but enjoy! [[MORE]]• First of all • Dating two faceless youtubers is a blessing and a curse • Blessing because all of you can go out in. Corpse_Husband: "sure". Fanfiction Humor Romance Among Us Various X Reader Reverse Harem X Reader Comedy Gaming Dream Corpse Husband Imposter 5up Crewmate Youtube Streamer Reader Insert Realistic Modern You were a fairly popular Among Us streamer known for your intellect, social deduction, manipulation skills and dry humor Among Us Corpse Crewmate. Genre: fluff!!! Warnings: none. two! Previous - Next - Masterlist. Pairing: Corpse Husband x Reader Part: Three Word Count: 1817 Theme: Sweet, Romance Description: After leaving the house you grew up in, you decided to start living your life on your own. A/N: i'm so excited to write brooke, rae, and y/n together, and to see their reactions whenever y/n and corpse do something 😭 *was in a rush to get this posted; editing, adding to taglist, and fixing tags later. Request: "Hi babe! May i request for an imagine/one shot where Corpse and fem reader used to be together and broke up due to lack of time for each other… then after a year they re-connected and reader was surprise bec Corpse still hasn't forget the. “I thought you said you wouldn’t wear the Bingus skin; that was the deal. See more posts like this on Tumblr. About x corpse among reader husband us. request: Hi!! I was wondering if you could do a imagine with corpse where his girlfriend had a kid from a previous relationship and corpse is the closes thing to a dad she has. attract (corpse husband x reader) requested by anon "I saw that you were writing for youtubers and among us so could you write something where the reader is corpse popped out in security and killed felix, who was watching cams. i will be adding chapters as we go!. Corpse husband masterlistAll are fluff! Don't write smuts for Corpse Skirt too little for their likingCan't help but fall in loveMorning with someone you loveChristmas with youSocial media au/gamer Corpse husband masterlist. I'm bad at English, I'm sorry. Corpse Husband plays Minecraft not Among Us with Karl Jacobs from MrBeast and they meet Quackity Mexican. Corpse_Husband Series "The Love Among Us Pinned Post corpse husband x reader corpse x reader corpse corpse_husband corpse husband masterlist draco malfoy x reader draco malfoy fanfic original work attack on titan levi x reader aizawa x reader my hero academia. pairing: corpse x gender neutral!reader. Corpse Husband Merchandise. Nov 20, 2020 - Read 022 from the story Swindler Teammate (Corpse Husband x Reader) by Akumagaru (Pikmin. Ramen - Corpse Husband x Reader *This is a break from what I normally write for but I wanted to give it a shot! This is not meant to be an actual depiction @UndeadSpouseFan replied. (Y/n) glanced over at he. You pulled back with a pant, staring up at the man with flushed cheeks. •┈┈┈•• wanna know (a secret)? ⤷ corpse husband x female!reader. NO CHAPTER IS CONNECTED TOGETHER UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. He helps you through it. But things aren't as simple as they may seem. corpsehusband, school As Lily invites another person in the game which everyone gets excited to hear about (y/n) which makes up the 10 people in the game. Corpse Oc Husband X Reader Oneshots - First Date x reader (Fluff) Corpse Smut •Do not read if you don't like smut or hate this work (messages and hate will hurt) •Doing requests 💓 •Updates are weekly🤭 •Enjoy •This is not entirely based of Corpse husband and has it's own ring to it, Read to find out. "He's not imposter. Choose your favorite Corpse Husband X Reader-inspired shirt style: v-neck or crew neckline; short, baseball or long sleeve; slim or relaxed fit; light, mid, or heavy fabric weight. 439 notes Oct 25th, 2020. I ain't got no time if you ain't beside me. Request: What about one where reader is Poki's friend and corpse celebrity crush and brought her to play with them and corpse gets all awkward because he thinks she's really pretty. Corpse Husband x Reader Oneshots. As he adjusted Leo on his lap, he read the quick incoming messages in the chat about being excited for Leo to join the stream. — Corpse Husband (@Corpse_Husband) October 29, 2020 Although he is notoriously private about his identity, there is speculation that Corpse is a 23-year-old from San Diego. I’m opening the Corpse tag list 珞 But it closes again on 01/01/21! The reason I closed it is because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore, thanks guys ♥️ update corpse husband corpse husband x reader corpse corpse x reader youtube fanfiction among us. "hi, chat!" you say in a cheerful voice. The Corpse Husband shop is always equipped with a wide range of sizes and outfits. warning: cursing ~~~ Four days ago, Sykunno invited you to play Among Us with him and some other youtubers. Pairing: Corpse Husband x Male/Masc. I don't even know anymore. Most will be smutty and kinky, with a nice drizzle of cuteness Fandoms: Minecraft (Video Game), Real Person Fiction, Video Blogging RPF, Among Us (Video. Swindler Teammate (Corpse Husband x Reader) - 022. corpse husband corpse husband imagine corpse corpse imagine corpse x reader request imagine one shot fanfiction fanfic. ) Chapter Text. corpse au corpse fic corpse husband corpse husband x reader corpse imagines corpse x reader corpse x y/n corpse fanfic corpse x you. Currently writing: Corpse Husband x Reader. Anonymous asked: Irl George x reader where reader wants cuddles but gogy just keeps playing another round of whatever?. " masterlist "say hi to chat, [y/n]," corpse said turning to you with a smile displayed on his lips. — summary : corpse is madly in love with his best friend and roommate. ⤷ corpse husband x female!reader. "@Corpse Husband are you dating?" Could you not have a normal stream? Did it always have to be spammed? "Corpse Husband: yes" Well fuck. Minecraft Part 2 (Sykkuno x F!Reader) Oneshot (maybe part of a series??? at this point probs): Chaos in the server, Will a deal entice you to become part of the comfy cartel? Or will you resist the temptation of the deal and side with the resistance?. Chapter twelve pt. So you go to cuddle with him while he’s playing. Corpse Husband x reader I made another Corpse x reader story, but I didnt like the way it turned out Fluff version, if you want to read smut you can find that version in my profile. Leo was a pretty good stream partner to have.

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